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If you have any questions about the Program Planner and Evaluation tool, don't hesistate to reach out to your Residence Hall Director, Graduate Hall Director or your Associate Director!

Welcome to the Residential Life Program Planner & Evaluation Tool.

Your RHD or GHD will review your plan and provide any feedback and/or approve your program plan and budget. 

Once the program is over, please make sure to evaluate your program to fully "complete" the program. 

All programs (both passive and active) must be inputted and evaluated to comply with your programming expectations.

Manage programs (information, budgets, evaluations, timelines, learning outcomes).

This tool is meant to maximize your creativity (just look at the "Get Ideas" section!) and market your programs to your residents using social media (just look at the calendar section).

For information about the Alice! Alternative Activities, please visit the "Resources" page on this website. 










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